Is This The Right Room For An Argument?

After spending an unsatisfying day setting up an internet shopping cart, relearning Sonic Bids (fail), trying to remember the user name and password for my CBC site (no luck), and googling Spotify and Rdio (still don't know what they really are), I've come to the realization that what I really need right now is feedback not marketing savvy.

I've always thought of songwriting as a conversation. I respond to the music of other people, preferably played in real time. I'm inspired to write when I hear a new idea, musical direction, or exotic instrument. Any artistic vision I have comes from a deep desire to harmonize, to play along, to jam, man!

I don't really want an audience, I want a debate. Music is how I communicate and communication is supposed to be a two way street. This is the danger of the Internet and so-called social media. Despite being hailed as a cultural revolution the personal computer is also isolating. Screens shut us in and make us needy. Infantile is how I describe the worst traits of the information age.

Music is supposed to be dynamic, dangerous, and disruptive. When it's just another part of someone's "lifestyle" it becomes sterile and bland. I need to take my own advice and get off the laptop and out of the house. The whole concept of the social network is a fraud. What started out as a better way to mail a letter has turned into a colossal waste of time. And it despite all the porn it is without question a total turn off.

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